HTML5 And CSS3 Responsive Design With Media Queries

Direct Interaction

Other than its usefulness in search engine optimization, SMM also provides an opportunity for businesses to interact directly and in real time with their target audience. Feedback on these sites is instant, and people don’t take much time to give their positive or negative opinion about a marketing campaign. This is the reason that many companies are using social media to create their very own brand image which makes the brand easily recognizable by target audiences.

Particularly useful for small businesses

Small businesses usually have less marketing and promotion budget, and social media marketing helps them to effectively reach out to their target audience in a cost effective manner. With the different interest groups and activities on the social media sites, it is easier for the company to reach the target customers. They don’t have to place a billboard at a road junction, which the marketers cannot be sure, will be seen by the target audience or not. In spite of the fact that social media marketing is more suited to smaller companies, even larger brands are using this method to market and promote their products and services. Simple things like online competitions and quizzes are a great way to appeal to the psyche of the target audience.